Editorial – Why zombies? Why now?

Something new is shambling in the zombie world, and it definitely ain’t pretty.

According to recent articles in The Cherryville News, “slow-moving people who moan” have approached teenagers in the Cherryville Cemetery on four separate occasions. Fortunately, there have been no casualties. Yet.

During the first incident, a small group of zombers happened to be on scene during an off-campus combat session, and led the single female zombie away, disposing of it out of sight. As a result, The General assigned small zomber groups to survey the cemetery 24/7. Since then, three  more zombies have been quietly disposed of.

So here are my questions: Why zombies? Why now? And why in Cherryville?

As every hunter knows, supernatural-type creatures have avoided Cherryville since the opening of Hunter High in 1957. It makes sense. Why hang around a town that’s home to a school full of hunters trained to kill you?

When asked to comment, The General replied, “Nothing is concrete. We’re investigating. What’s important now is keeping Cherryville’s residents safe…and ignorant of the fact that zombies exist.”

One thing is for certain, this reporter will be doing his own investigation into the cause of the zombies.

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